Meredith Harvey

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The Guardian Angel Stories

Star-keeper’s Quest

The first book of the Guardian Angel Stories Meditation Series.

Star-keeper’s Quest is the first story in the book series called Guardian Angel Stories that Meredith has designed and written specifically to introduce meditation to children while inducing a restful sleep. Put simply,  Guardian Angel Stories are unique child meditations interwoven with magical stories to delight your child. These stories introduce the meditation process and or can stand alone and be read as a magical story before sleep. Your child will imagine their own special garden and become intertwined into the story with  beautiful characters such as their Guardian Angel, Niesha the Naughty Fairy, the Worry Tree, and the all knowing Grandmother Tree. Parents and care givers can become empowered by using these simple guided meditations in times of stress, to allay fears and acknowledge problems such as shyness, jealousy, bullying and insecurities that their children may be experiencing. This special series will be treasured for generations.

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Meet the Characters

Neisha the Naughty Fairy

Star-keeper’s Quest introduces Niesha the naughty fairy. Niesha is the youngest fairy sister of three in her family. She lives in fairyland with her family adjacent to the magical garden. She is a very special fairy who has different wings that allow her to swim through water. Even though she has this special ability she wants to be like her sisters who have normal wings. Niesha cries,
“Naughty Niesha it’s not fair
Sister fairies do not care,
Oh so lonely, oh so sad,
Why did I have to be,
Oh so bad!!”

What did Niesha do? Enjoy Star-Keeper’s Quest to find out!

Grandmother Tree

Star-keeper's Quest introduces the Grandmother Tree, the Grandmother Tree is all knowing her roots contain wisdom and knowledge from far and wide, deep into mother earth and much farther than the magical garden. She tells those who visit the magical garden that, “Here you can be whoever you want to be; you can be quiet and thoughtful, funny and loud, fearless and brave, nothing is impossible.” What can you be? Enjoy your experiences in Star-keeper's Quest!

The Worry Tree

Star-keeper’s Quest introduces the Worry Tree. Your guardian angel explains, “A worry tree has but one job, and that is to take all the worries from the children at any time”. What worries will you place on the worry tree before explore the magical garden in Star-Keeper’s Quest?

Meredith Harvey

Bachelor of Nursing, Grad Dip Nursing Science, Grad Cert of Teaching & Learning, DAA Certificate

Meredith Harvey believes her Guardian Angel stories uniquely introduce meditation to children. Here she is debuting her first book Star-keeper’s Quest, her first book in the series for you to enjoy.

This creative achievement is a far cry from the academic world from where Meredith started, working firstly as a Dental Nurse then as a Registered Nurse. Continuing with her studies, she attained the many awards of Dental Assistant Association (DAA) Certificate, Bachelor of Nursing, Graduate Diploma of Nursing Science and Graduate Certificate of Teaching & Learning (primary). Whether in the health or education arena Meredith’s focus has always been to help kids live happier, healthier lives both physically and mentally. It is her dream to include a meditation service upon the successful launch of the Guardian Angel Meditation stories. This will give the public an opportunity to experience how the concept can be implemented in a variety of settings. So stay tuned to this exciting author’s adventure in taking her Guardian Angel Meditation stories to the children of the world.

Elements of the Guardian Angel Stories

Worry Tree

Star-keeper's Quest introduces the Worry Tree. Pause here to suggest some worries that your child may place on the worry tree. Try to include recent daily concerns, these can be big or small, ongoing fears and phobias, to small anxieties such as not being invited to friends party or bed wetting issues. Draw out worries that your child can subconsciously hook on the worry tree. In this relaxed state he or she does not need to verbalise his or her worries, use this time for suggestions only.

Meditation Timing

In Guardian Angel Stories, meditations are conceptually designed to induce a relaxed state whereby your child can imagine the story as it unfolds. Key elements to get the best out of the meditation are explained in detail in the beginning of the book on pages vii, viii, & ix. Do not be concerned if your child falls asleep before the end as it is designed to be used repetitively to cement the meditation process. If your child asks about the end of the story you can always read as a story at a later time.

Parental Pauses Insights & Themes

In Guardian Angel Stories, interspersed throughout the text I have included “Parental Pauses”, these are hints for the parents/care givers how they can enrich and individualise the story for the child’s unique circumstance. All “parental pauses”, insights and themes have a strong psychological basis to offer solutions to the many of our modern day childhood problems.

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