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The ‘Gutsy’ Author

I would describe writers and would be authors as gutsy. The word ‘gutsy’ being defined as  having or showing courage, determination, and spirit.  All ‘would be authors’ want their stories out there in print, in the new release section, in the best book shop in town. Complete with their publishing house and marketing team, sparing no expense to launch them to their fullest potential to be a number one best seller.  Better yet, you crave for your story to leap off the page and delight the reader. To be ‘published’ screams to the reading audience that you are a success in your own right, pardon the pun.   Ok so lets break this down,


Having or showing courage-  Below I will share a quote from Mary Anne Radmacher which I just love,

Courage does not always roar, sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying I will try again tomorrow.

Well for me courage was needed to put myself out there promoting the book in bookshops as a self-published author and being sent away with no book shelf time and facing the next book shop owner. Having the courage to teach yourself numerous new skills such as constructing a website, posting on Facebook, Instagram. Basically all forms of technology, yes,I am a child of the sixties, we didn’t grow up with it.  The courage to give away books when you are barely keeping afloat because you know ‘that family’ would benefit from your meditation story. And most of all the courage to keep going when you think you have failed at something on the literary journey and  gone down the wrong path.

It has often been said that Passion changes everything, and I would agree as the ‘would be author’ cannot survive without passion. Whether you are selling your book out of the boot of your car, at markets, as a distributor or if you are lucky, on consignment in a book shop, you have to be passionate about your story. Also you need to be passionate about where you have got to, despite of everything! If you think about it, passion, sustains commitment and motivation to see it through, and in this case to holding the book in your hands. My passion is creating and publishing my Guardian Angel Stories and working with children. And by doing so, spark their imagination through my stories to find creative ways to  relieve some of the pressures they face in the modern world.

Determination could be synonymous with Passion. Initially, I was determined to understand the book world as it was very different from anything I had encountered before. But on reflection when I look back at my last year creating, publishing, and marketing Star-keeper’s Quest, when I felt passionate about something on my journey, I had a smile on my face. But when I was determined I had a clenched jaw trying to manoeuvre around the obstacles set on my path. So for me they evoke quite different feelings. Although, I see both are necessary assets in the quest to succeed.

Spirit I believe is keeping it real and fun and communicating with all types of people along the way. You need spirit to celebrate every tiny victory along the way, for sure.

So rounding this all up my advice for all would be authors is, keep going you are getting there!

Meredith Harvey

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